Collagen•Native•Type 2

Replenishes Collagen in the Body to Support Healthy Aging

With age, natural collagen regeneration slows until your body is unable to repair or replace lost collagen.

Joint Health

promotes cartilage regeneration and joint repair to relieve pain and stiffness. Age related joint pain tends to affect major weight bearing joints such as knees, hips and the spine.

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Bone Health:

Collagen contributes to bone elasticity and mechanical strength as well as the structure for mineral formation. COLLAGEN•NATIVE•TYPE 2 helps stimulate bone formation and better protects from bone loss than calcium and vitamin D supplements.

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Skin Health

As we age, the loss of collagen in the skin contributes to wrinkle formation. COLLAGEN•NATIVE•TYPE 2 stimulates and rebuilds collagen in your skin to reverse skin aging.

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Vascular Health

COLLAGEN•NATIVE•TYPE 2 helps reduce blood pressure and can protect against atherosclerosis and the hardening of arteries. High blood pressure is linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, coordination loss and cognitive decline.

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Gut Health

COLLAGEN•NATIVE•TYPE 2 induces oral tolerance in the gut. This triggers an immune response in the digestive tract to fight inflammation in the gut and throughout the body.

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