With age, changes occur throughout the body.  One tissue that is especially affected by aging is the articular cartilage of the joints, a specialized type of cartilage that provides support and allows for smooth movement.  This cartilage decreases and changes in composition during aging resulting in joint damage and pain.  Collagen is a key structural protein in cartilage, and supplementing with COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 can be a safe and effective means of mitigating symptoms of joint aging and arthritis.

The age-related changes to cartilage contribute to the development of Osteoarthritis.  Often called “wear and tear” arthritis, Osteoarthritis involves typical age-related joint pain and stiffness.  Symptoms that accompany this arthritis are cracking and grating sensations, swelling and bony growths in the major weight bearing joints of the knees, hips and spine.  Studies suggest that undenatured collagen supplements may have a proactive effect against osteoarthritis associated cartilage loss.  Significant improvement in joint pain and functionality can be gained by supplementing with undenatured collagens like COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune condition arising when the immune system mistakes joint tissues as foreign and attacks them.  Cartilage degradation can outpace the bodies regeneration and repair of these tissues leading to damage and loss of joint tissues and crippling inflammation.  There is evidence that undenatured type II collagens can help to curb the immune response of the body on joint tissues and suppress immune cell attacks on cartilage, decreasing inflammation and protecting joints from damage.  Supplementing with COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 provides a great source of undenatured type II collagen.

COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 is produced from bovine cartilage in a gentle extraction process that maintains the integrity of the protein shape and structure.  Unlike the harsh extraction processes used to produce collagen peptides, COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 maintains its natural shape, providing key advantages for repair and replacement of collagen in the body over collagen peptides.  Supplementing with COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 is an easy way to support joints from the painful effects of age-related damage to joints, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.