Collagen is a key structural protein in the body that is particularly abundant in the skin.  While the skin is comprised of a complex collection of proteins and other molecules, collagen is by far the most abundant protein, accounting for approximately 80% of its dry weight.  This collagen is linked together in a matrix to provide support for the skin and so maintaining a healthy collagen matrix is Critical to overall skin health.  COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 can provide a quality source of collagen to support skin health.

Skin degeneration and wrinkle formation occur naturally with age and are caused, in part, by declining levels of collagen production that decrease with age.  The body also tends to lose its ability to inhibit the loss of collagen due to natural processes.  These age-related changes, along with sun, UV and other environmental exposures lead to a breaking down of the skin’s collagen matrix leading to wrinkles.  One strategy to combat these changes is to supplement with collagen.  COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 provides an excellent and quality source of collagen for supplementation.

In clinical trials, significant improvement in skin elasticity, wrinkle depth, and skin hydration have been observed in individuals consuming daily collagen supplements compared to those taking placebos.  Collagen supplementation has also been shown to promote collagen biosynthesis (the body’s natural production of collagen) and reduce collagen fragmentation in the skin. Furthermore, experimental evidence suggests that collagen ingestion stimulates other synthesis of other beneficial molecules, like hyaluronic acid, and decreases the expression of collaging decreasing enzymes the body naturally creates. COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 is a great collagen supplement to use for healthy skin.

COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 is produced from bovine cartilage in a gentle extraction process that maintains the integrity of the protein shape and structure.  Unlike the harsh extraction processes used to produce collagen peptides, COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 maintains its natural shape, providing key advantages for repair and replacement of collagen in the body over collagen peptides.  Supplementing with COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 is an easy way to support the health and vitality of skin that can help fight, and potentially reverse, wrinkles and skin aging.