SB Edge Type 2 Collagen Supplements​

Customer Testimonials

“Prior to taking Collagen Native Type 2, I routinely received cortisone shots in my knee every 3 months.  By the second month, I was in pain and anxiously looking forward to the date of my next injection.  After a few months I realized it was past time for my shot and the pain was gone. I’m a believer in Collagen Native Type 2.”
“The SB Edge supplements—Collagen Native Type 2—is a winner in four ways: It helps keep gut, joint, and skin in good condition, it is reasonable, it is easy to order, and it arrives each month when I need it. I recommend it!”
“Your COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 has helped keep my ulcerative colitis in remission by rebuilding the lining of my colon.  An added bonus is how it has improved the condition of my hair and fingernails as well! Thank you for providing a healthful product in capsule form.”
“I am so thrilled with my COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2.  I started taking it after having 2 very major abdominal surgeries within 6 weeks of each other.  I needed something to build and repair what my body had gone through.  I saw Brenda at the local Indoor Fair and she was all excited to tell me about a new product they were selling.  I knew I needed something…and this seemed like the perfect product for me!  I have been taking it since March 2019 and will continue to take it!   Thanks, Brenda, for snagging me and telling me about the perfect product that I needed at the time!”
“COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 has really benefited my husband and I with our arthritis pain and stiffness.  I have arthritis in my wrist.  At one point, my husband stopped taking the collagen and he noticed a negative change with his arthritis.  He made sure to start taking it again.  I am also really enjoying healthier skin with less distention in my wrinkles that has enhanced a better appearance.”
“I, as well as my husband, have been taking Collagen Native Type 2 for approximately 2 years now.  We both have arthritis and mild joint pain that comes from growing older and living an active lifestyle.    Recently I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica.  I have been taking 2 capsules with breakfast and dinner and I feel that it really helps.  My husband decided to stop taking CN type 2 for a month and felt the negative effects.  We will keep taking this as part of our daily supplements.”
“At the encouragement of a Sioux Biochemical team member and former high school teammate, I began taking SBC (SBEDGE®) Native Type 2 Collagen three years ago. I was looking to improve joint and gut health as the product advertised.  The shoulder and knee arthritis from old injuries and years of overuse decreased with consistent use of the suggested daily dosage.  After struggling with IBS since college, I also noticed a marked difference in my digestion, and an increase in everyday health and well-being.  An added bonus has been the enhancement of skin tone and fewer wrinkles.  I highly recommend SBC (SBEDGE®) Native Type 2 Collagen for the quality, positive results, and ease of use!”

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