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Shoulder Pain due to aging

Type 2 Collagen Helps With:

All the joints in your body use cartilage as a cushioning tissue between the bones for fluid movement. Studies show that Type 2 Collagen helps rebuild cartilage that has deteriorated due to aging and other factors.

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Woman with elbow pain
Sports Injury Neck Pain
Knee pain due to aging

Us vs. Them

Gently Extracted vs. Highly Processed

Our gentle extraction process allows our collagen to retain the characteristics of the Full Collagen Molecule in its natural form, not broken down in any way, which allows optimal interaction with your body.

Peptide or powdered collagen products are highly processed and have been broken down into tiny fragments through industrial chemical digestion which hydrolyzes the end product.

Natural vs. Hydrolyzed

Our product is “bio-active” in nature, which allows your body to process it naturally, which then triggers other important biological processes in your body.

Hydrolyzation destroys the bio-active benefit of collagen inside your body.

Made in the USA vs. Questionable Sources

We are the manufacturer, and we source our raw bovine material 100% from USDA-inspected facilities in the US and are proud to be a fully American-made product, produced in the great state of Iowa!

Many of the popular products on the market today are sourced from places like China or even Brazil, where agricultural expansion to produce beef has led to the destruction of the rainforest.

Bovine Cartilage vs. Lower Quality Sources

Bovine sourced cartilage contains bovine collagen which is a more similar collagen to human collagen since both humans and cows are mammals and share more common cartilage traits.

Other products use marine, chicken or pig or sources of collagen which does not share the traits most similar to human collagen in your body.

What's Included in the 90-Day Challenge:

You will receive a 90-Day Supply (3 Bottles) of CNT2, providing optional results.

  • This amount is designed to replenish the collagen in your body to promote joint health, support healthy gut function and improve elasticity, all to fight the effects of aging and other causes of joint pain.
  • Use the product at the recommended dosage levels for 90 days and if you don’t see an improvement in your joint, skin, hair, gut, or nail health, we will give you your money back.

**If you want your money back:

  1. Contact us by phone or email within 120 days of the original purchase and we will supply you with a shipping address and the RMA number
  2. You will need to send the empty bottles back
  3. We will email you a survey form and you can either email it back to us or include it with your shipment
  4. We will send you a check within 30 days of receipt of both the package and the survey.

Money-back guarantee will not be honored if requested before the 90 days has completed

When you deal directly with the manufacturer of a product who adheres to the regulations of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), you can be assured that the facility design, equipment commission, and supply chain management are controlled, from beginning to end, supporting healthy lifestyles.

Supporting Research

From the Examine.com website and the article “Type-II Collagen”

The primary benefit of undenatured CII[Type 2 Collagen]  appears to be an improvement in joint pain, mainly in the context of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis…

From the Healthline.com website and the article “Top 6 Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements”

There are 28 types of collagens, one of the most common is Type ll. It is found in (all) joints and intervertebral discs (the cushions that serve as your spine’s shock absorbers).

From the Cleveland Clinic.org website in the article “Arthritis of the Knee”

Pain and swelling are the most common symptoms of arthritis of the knee. Some treatments might reduce the severity of your symptoms or even stall the progression.

From Natural Products Insider.com in the article “Native Type II Collagen for Joint Health”

Type II collagen is the main structural protein in the cartilage of the joints… Studies have shown that supplementing with native (undenatured) type II collagen can help modulate the immune response against endogenous type II collagen. Unlike gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen supplements, native type II collagen works through a mechanism known as oral tolerization.

“For the last several years, I was having problems with my left ankle. I would feel pain after any extended time of being on my feet.I ended up having to wear a brace when I would take walks or doing any strenuous work around the house. I took the 90-Day Challenge and one day I took a walk with my daughter. I realized after we returned that I forgot to put the brace on.  Long story short, I haven’t had to wear it since!  Also, my fingernails have never been the better.  I was never able to get them looking as good as I would have liked.  Now I am proud of my nails as they have grown in length and strength.  Finally, my hair is holding curls much better and in the last 2 months have had several people compliment me on it. I would highly recommend this Native Type 2 Collagen to anyone looking to improve their health.”
“I had taken powdered collagen for the last 3 years as part of a diet for weight control.  I can’t say the collagen itself was the sole reason for my weight loss, but nonetheless it was part of a special diet.  However, over the last 2 years while I was using powdered collagen, I began to develop pain in my knees when actively doing things and often I had to brace myself when relying on my knees to move up or down.   I took the 90-Day Challenge and within 2 months I now have no problems with my knees.  I’m moving around with ease.  This type 2 collagen is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone looking to take control of joint pain!”
“The SB Edge supplements—Collagen Native Type 2—is a winner in four ways: It helps keep gut, joint, and skin in good condition, it is reasonable, it is easy to order, and it arrives each month when I need it. I recommend it!”
“Your COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 has helped keep my ulcerative colitis in remission by rebuilding the lining of my colon. An added bonus is how it has improved the condition of my hair and fingernails as well! Thank you for providing a healthful product in capsule form.”
“I am so thrilled with my COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2. I started taking it after having 2 very major abdominal surgeries within 6 weeks of each other. I needed something to build and repair what my body had gone through. I saw Brenda at the local Indoor Fair and she was all excited to tell me about a new product they were selling. I knew I needed something…and this seemed like the perfect product for me! I have been taking it since March 2019 and will continue to take it! Thanks, Brenda, for snagging me and telling me about the perfect product that I needed at the time!”
“COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 has really benefited my husband and I with our arthritis pain and stiffness. I have arthritis in my wrist. At one point, my husband stopped taking the collagen and he noticed a negative change with his arthritis. He made sure to start taking it again. I am also really enjoying healthier skin with less distention in my wrinkles that has enhanced a better appearance.”

We are Proud to be Made in America!

Who is SBEDGE®?

Founded in 1995 by Allan Kramer, Ph.D., our team of experts in protein chemistry has more than 27 years of experience in isolating proteins for research and manufacturing the highest quality dietary ingredients for joint health.

In addition to utilizing our experience and innovation for internal manufacturing interests, we also offer our contract processing services to the greater biotechnology sector.

Allan Kramer Ph.D.
Dane Hibma Photo
Dane Hibma—Plant Engineer
David Kramer Plant Manager
David Kramer—Plant Manager

Made in the USA

Our Collagen is 100% sourced from North American, USDA-inspected, bovine sources, and is processed in the great state of Iowa in the United States.  We are proud to be Made in America!

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