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Over 27 Years of Experience

Type 2 Collagen Manufacturer

Iowa Collagen Manufacturer

SBEDGE® is the manufacturer of type 2 collagen supplements with over 27 years of experience in isolating proteins of the highest quality, including dietary supplement ingredients for joint health amongst other things.

Our Collagen is 100% sourced from North American, USDA inspected, bovine sources and is processed in the great state of Iowa in the United States. Proud to be Made in America!

When you deal directly with the manufacturer of a product who adheres to the regulations of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), you can be assured that the facility design, equipment commission and supply chain management are controlled, from beginning to end, supporting healthy lifestyles.

There is no middleman, direct from the manufacturer to you!

Collagen Native Type 2 Extracted From Bovine

We call our type 2 collagen supplement ‘native’ collagen.  This means that the SBEDGE® collagen product is in its most natural state.  Scientifically this is known as “undenatured” type 2 collagen.  Most collagens available are industrially pre-digested ‘hydrolyzed’ collagen ‘Peptides’ that have been broken down into less beneficial pieces.

Our Collagen Native Type 2 has an important distinction from others because it is the more Natural Collagen!

Another advantage of our product is that it is specifically sourced from bovine.   Bovine collagen is more similar to human collagen, the natural collagen in your body, much more so than chicken and marine-sourced collagen.

When collagen is broken down into smaller molecules it is altered and is not as efficient in allowing your body to process the collagen in the most effective way.  This denaturing can occur during processing due to a variety of factors including extreme hot temperatures, pH extremes and even mechanical agitation.

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Why Our Process is Better

Our collagen processing is a gentle extraction method so that Collagen Native Type 2 nutritional supplements have more of the natural benefits to you… the ones that nature intended!

Simply put, Collagen Native Type 2 (CNT2) has not had its structure broken down in any way but remains in its intact natural state known as ‘undenatured’ as noted above. Most collagens on the market are in “peptide” form and have been broken down into smaller and less beneficial bits of protein through industrial chemical digestion.


Our Background

Learn more about us, our history, core foundations and type 2 collagen supplements.

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