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Source of Collagen Matters

Bovine Collagens​

What is Bovine Collagen?

Bovine (that is beef, cow or bull) sourced cartilage contains bovine collagen which is a more similar collagen to human collagen, more so than chicken and marine sourced collagen. This is due to the fact that both humans and cows are mammals and share more cartilage traits in common.

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This naturally occurring protein is found in the connective tissues, bones, cartilage and hides of cows, the same places you find it in people. There are 4 major amino acids in collagen, including human and bovine collagen. This includes:

  • Glycine
  • Proline
  • Arginine
  • Hydroxyproline

These amino acids are some of the essential building blocks of collagen, which in turn helps to form the various different types of collagens. You can learn more about those types here. The shape and structure of the different collagens create advantageous attributes for tissues which helps play an important role in good health and body function.

Bovine collagen is one of the major sources of collagen in dietary supplements.  Its similarity to human collagen also reduces the chance of an allergic response.  On the other hand, marine collagen, particularly from shellfish, has a higher chance of causing an allergic reaction.  Undenatured Bovine Collagen may also induce something called oral tolerance in the body and gut, lessening and calming the bodies negative immune response to foods.

Learning about collagen and its numerous attributes will give you the confidence to ask the right questions and make the right choices for you.  We at SBEDGE® believe that Collagen Native Type 2 provides you with the right collagen solution for your health goals!

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Bovine Collagen vs. Marine Collagen

Bovine collagen comes from cattle and marine collagen comes from fish. Each contain the same amino acid building blocks, but they also have varying ratios of the different types of collagens. 

Marine collagens tend to have higher amounts of types 1 and 3 collagens, while bovine collagen has higher amounts of type 2 collagen, especially when sourced from bovine cartilage sources.  Bovine hides provide a good source of types 1 and 3 Collagen, but these hides are often hydrolyzed.

Collagen Native Type 2 on the other hand, is sourced from bovine cartilage, making it have high amounts of type 2 collagen. You can read more about this in ‘Health Benefits’ below.   Our gentle extraction process also prevents the destruction of the collagen molecule which can offer more health benefits to you.

Most collagens available are industrially pre-digested ‘hydrolyzed’ collagen ‘Peptides’ that have been broken down into less beneficial pieces.  You can learn more here about “Collagen Native Type 2 Extracted from Bovine”.

SBEDGE® isolates our Collagen from USDA inspected bovine sources and controls the product until it arrives at your door, ensuring a quality end product.

Health Benefits

The different types of collagens interact with your body in different ways. This is particularly true of Native or ‘undenatured’ collagen sources. Since Type 2 collagen helps to form the cartilage that make up your joints, it’s no wonder that this type of collagen is often known for supporting joint health.

Lessening Reactions to Food Allergens

Undenatured type 2 collagen may also help to stimulate oral tolerance in the body, potentially allowing for a lessening of a reaction to food allergens.

Better Functioning Joints

The bioactive nature of undenatured collagen may trigger the body to produce more of its own natural collagen, potentially types 1 and 2, to help with the promotion of tissue repair which in turn can lead to better functioning joints.

Healthier Skin

The bioactive nature of undenatured collagen may trigger the body to produce more of its own natural collagen, potentially types 1 and 2, to help with the promotion of tissue repair which in turn can lead to and healthier skin.

How to Use Bovine Collagen

Our COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 is easy to take in their convenient capsule form. These capsules are not only easy to ingest, but they also have the precise amount of type 2 collagen you need daily.

See our FAQs on “how many pills should I take?” and “should I take it with food?”

 We are Proud to be Made in America!

Bovine Collagen Manufacturer

SBEDGE® is the seller of COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 and has over 27 years of experience in isolating high quality purified proteins and producing dietary supplement ingredients for joint health.

Our Collagen is sourced from 100% North American, USDA inspected, bovine sources and is processed in the great state of Iowa in the United States.

We have worked for many years in securing high quality bovine materials that we turn into useful products that benefit people, especially when it comes to people’s joint health.  COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 is our latest product to help people improve their health and joint health goals!

See how COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 will supply your body with natural collagen which it can use to rebuild the tissues that are damaged and are causing joint pain!