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Bovine Collagen Native Type 2 (CNT2) delivered to you direct from the manufacturer!​

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Our collagen supplements are made of bovine collagen native type 2.

Bovine Collagen

Bovine sourced cartilage contains bovine collagen which is a collagen more similar to human collagen (more so than chicken or marine sourced collagen)

Native (“Undenatured”)

Our product is in its natural state, the way nature intended, which triggers “bioactivity” in your body for maximum benefits

Type 2

A major type of collagen protein found in the cartilage throughout your body for improved joint health

Bovine collagen is one of the major sources of collagen in dietary supplements. Both humans and cows are mammals and share common cartilage traits.

Type 2 collagen helps to form the cartilage that protects your joints. This variety of collagen is often associated with joint health.

Type 2 collagen may also help to stimulate the production of type 1 collagen in your body which is found primarily in the skin, tendons, organs, bones and digestive track.

At SBEDGE®, our collagen is 100% sourced from North American, USDA inspected, bovine sources and is processed in the great state of Iowa in the United States. We are proud to be made in America! With over 27 years of experience in isolating proteins of the highest quality, including dietary supplement ingredients for joint health amongst other things.

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