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Types of Collagen Supplements

Collagen Pills vs Peptide Powder ​

Have you ever asked if a collagen pill or peptide powder is right for you?

Collagen Native Type 2 is taken orally in an encapsulated pill so that you can be sure you get the exact dosage you need.

You can also buy a peptide product in a pill or encapsulated form but that does not mean that a peptide product is effective and right for you.  You may feel that this is just a personal preference, but we want you to know the facts about the collagen you take.

A better question to ask yourself would be: Is a “native” or “undenatured” collagen product a better choice than a “peptide” product?  We want to share with you the difference between a highly processed peptide product and our gently extracted Collagen Native Type 2.

Commonly sold in powder form, highly processed peptide collagens are hydrolyzed, meaning they have been broken down into tiny fragments through industrial chemical digestion.  This hydrolyzation destroys the bioactive benefit of collagen to your body.  If a collagen dissolves in a liquid, like peptides do, then it is not nearly as effective as a collagen in its native and natural three-dimensional structure like Collagen Native Type 2.

Since our product does not dissolve in a warm or a cold liquid, you can be assured that it is the full and natural protein that has not been broken down into peptide fragments.  While Collagen Native Type 2 isn’t soluble in liquids like water, coffee or juice, it can easily be added to smoothies or shakes if you do not want to take it in its capsule form.

This is the important distinction of Collagen Native Type 2 from other pills and collagen peptide powders: It is the more Natural Collagen in its undenatured form.  Because of this difference, it has the potential to help trigger other important biological processes in your body.

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Type 2 collagen helps to make up what is called articular cartilage.  This is the type of tissue that covers the ends of your bones and makes up the joints like knees and elbows.  Having sufficient amounts of type 2 collagen allows joints to move smoothly.

Type 2 collagen plays an important role in joint health.  Unfortunately, as we age, the amount of collagen production in your body steadily decreases.  As the body has less and less collagen to repair damaged cartilage tissues, this eventually leads to joint pain and stiffness.

Native Collagen Type 2 can help to resupply your body with natural undenatured Type 2 bovine collagen that can help re-supply your body with the collagen it needs to rebuild the connective tissues that are damaged or deteriorating, leading to joint pain!

Collagen supplements come in a variety of types.  Some provide you with types 1 and 3.  Others provide you with chicken or marine collagens.  Collagen Native type 2 on the other hand supplies you with Type 2 Collagen sourced from bovine cartilage to help support your joint health goals.  The biggest benefit of SBEDGE®’s Collagen Native Type 2 is that it is an undenatured collagen that may provide you with some unique benefits!

You can learn more here about the different types of collagens in your body and which type is the best to supplement with.

Our Collagen Native Type 2 capsule, or pill, is digested naturally by your own body.   Our bodies have the ideal conditions for the adsorption of and digestion of collagens.  The body then absorbs collagen for nutritional purposes and to help build proteins naturally.  Some of the undenatured collagen protein is then used effectively in the small intestine where it may potentially cause an immunomodulating effect.  This is where a positive immune response occurs that can help to regenerate damaged tissues.

In contrast, collagen peptide powder form manufacturers use industrially heated acid baths to break down and unravel the collagen protein, destroying the helpful nature of its originally undenatured natural shape.  This means that peptide collagens tend to have only a nutritional value from their consumption.

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Other Companies Questionable Ingredients

The source of your collagen can be important for many reasons.

Many collagens are made from cow hides that come from places like Brazil where agricultural expansion for the production of beef has led to the destruction of the rainforest. 

We source our raw material 100% from USDA inspected facilities in the US and are proud to be a fully American made product, produced in the great state of Iowa!

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See how Native Type 2 Collagen will help to resupply your body with natural collagen to rebuild the tissues that are damaged and are causing joint pain!