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Interested in helping your customers joint health?

Join our group of nationwide distributors health clinics and chiropractors who offer their customers Collagen Native Type 2.

What sets us apart?

  • Bovine Collagen: Bovine sourced cartilage contains bovine collagen which is a more similar collagen to human collagen (more so than chicken or marine sourced collagen)
  • Native (Scientifically called “Undenatured”): Our product is in its natural state, the way nature intended, which helps to trigger “bioactivity” in your body for maximum effect.
  • Type 2: The major collagen protein found in cartilage throughout your body for improved Joint Health

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We offer different levels of wholesale pricing and can provide you with marketing materials that will assist you in communicating the advantages of taking SBEDGE® Supplements Collagen Native Type 2.

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