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Podcast – Made in the USA

Our friends over at The Manufacturing Experts  have a blog we thought you would like to listen to:

Why Supplements Made in the USA are Better and What You Should Know About Foreign Supplements

Up until the 1990s the majority of medicines and supplements were manufactured in the United States. By the late 1990’w most were “outsourced” to China. It was done to reduce prices, not for the consumer but rather reduce manufacturing costs to increase corporate profits.

This has led to a reduction in quality ingredients, reduced health effects and damage to the reputation of the supplement industry. But is has far reaching effects, the money spent on foreign made supplements supports countries with little to no worker safety regulations as well as horrific environmental practices that most consumers are not unaware.
Our guest today is David Kramer, plant manager of Sioux Biochemical, manufacturer of SB Edge Type 2 Collagen Supplements. David will help us through the differences and explain how US manufactured products are not only superior to foreign but how some foreign products may do more harm than good.