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COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 - Bimonthly Subscription (Legacy)

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5% Discount for Bimonthly Subscription

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the key structural protein found in joint, skin, muscle, bone, blood vessels, and connective tissues. Natural collagen production slows as we age leading to early signs of aging.  Replenishing collagen has recognized benefits for healthy gut function, promotion of joint health, and improved skin elasticity.

COLLAGEN NATIVE TYPE 2 replenishes this vital protein to support healthy aging.

120 capsules/bottle


No Dairy

No Gluten/Wheat

No Eggs

No Fish/Shellfish

No Peanuts/Treenuts

No Soy

No Artificial Colors

Made in USA

Asked, and answered.

Because scientists love questions.

Collagen Native Type 2 (CNT2) is gently extracted and processed. It has not had its structure broken down but remains in its natural ‘undenatured’ state. Most collagens on the market are in ‘peptide’ form and have been broken down into smaller and less beneficial bits of protein through industrial chemical digestion. But not Collagen Native Type 2, it has more of the benefits that nature intended!

Collagen types 1, 2 and 3 make up 80-90% of all the collagens in the human body with type 2 collagen being the major collagen found in cartilage, the connective tissue between the bones to form joints and protects the end of longer bones.

Our collagen is “native” or “undenatured”, indicating that it is the full protein or molecule that allows your body to process it naturally. Type 2 collagen can stimulate the body into building both type 2 and type 1 collagens.

Every person is different.  For some, differences can be observed in weeks.  While for others it can take longer to see the results.  Most people will see the benefits of collagen after 30 days or 60 days, but 90 days is optimal.

With a monthly subscription, you receive a 10% discount and a bi-monthly subscription a 5% discount.  If you would like to cancel or change your subscription, you can do that at any time by logging in to our website or by calling us at 712-722-4694.

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