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Collagen and Brain Health

You have most likely heard that collagen can be good for the joints and skin, but did you know collagen may have an important part to play in brain health as well?  New studies are exploring the role that collagen may have in the health of the organs and systems in the body.  The role […]

Podcast – 30-Day Collagen Challenges Are Not Realistic

Our friends over at Small Business Talks have a podcast we thought you might want to listen to: In a previous episode, we learned about Dr. Allan Kramer and his extensive years of research at the National Institute of Health doing years of research on proteins and how he turned that experience into a small business manufacturing […]

Blog – There’s no Collagen in Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptide supplements are everywhere. Many recognizable brands sell their own version, each touting a variety of potential health benefits. But what these companies fail to tell you is this: collagen peptide supplements do NOT actually contain any collagen. Wait, what!?! To explain, allow me to draw you a comparison: Imagine a piece of lumber […]

Podcast – Made in the USA

Our friends over at The Manufacturing Experts  have a blog we thought you would like to listen to: Why Supplements Made in the USA are Better and What You Should Know About Foreign Supplements Up until the 1990s the majority of medicines and supplements were manufactured in the United States. By the late 1990’w most […]

Podcast – Collagen Supplements & Joint Pain

Our friends over at Small Business Talks have a podcast we thought you would want to hear: “Collagen Supplement & Joint Pain: A Company’s Journey to Help People” Every company has a story on how they got started or why they went into business. Our feature small business had extensive experience in the biochemical field […]